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  1. Blue Tint 250ml from Supreme Products

    In a quick & easy dispenser, Supreme Products Blue Tint is a liquid which makes colour enhancing easy. Just add a few drops to warm rinsing water, test for colour strength on a few animal hairs before use and apply to body, legs or tail as required. Great on all colour coats & fabulous for coloureds!

    Use it sparingly - only 2 or 3 drops needed for a large bucket.


    Great tip from one of our customers - fill a watering can with Blue Tint mixed in water and 'water' your pony or horse with a watering can 'rose' attachment to get even coverage!

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  2. Leg & Body Whitener from Supreme Products
    Price From: £27.75

    A brilliant white, easy to apply leg and body whitener.

    Non sticky, it can be added to final rinsing water to whiten body, mane and tail. Usable wet or dry, it will help cover last minute stable stains and in a concentrated liquid form (mixed with water to the consistency of yoghurt), it will produce extremely white legs. For convenience, it can be applied the night before required and leg bandages applied while still wet. On removing, any excess product will come away with the bandages and there is no further requirement to groom the legs.

    SUPREME PRODUCTS Leg & Body Whitener can also be applied to last minute stains with a slightly damp brush in to the powder and then applied to the legs. It can also be used in final rinsing water and allowed to dry on to the coat.

    Available in 3 sizes - 1KG, 2.5KG and 5KG.

    Please scroll down to watch the video below.


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  3. Blue Shampoo from Supreme Products
    Price From: £10.25
    SUPREME PRODUCTS Blue Shampoo is a highly concentrated show shampoo which produces a white and bright finish to grey and white coats. It cosmetically adds colour definition and a lustrous finish to bay, brown and black coats. This shampoo is also recommended for coloured coats. Directions for use: Perform a skin test twice, 24 hours apart, prior to first use. If irritation occurs, cease use immediately. After performing the skin tests, use only as directed. Wet the coat with warm water. Add SUPREME PRODUCTS Blue Shampoo to a bucket of warm water, drench a sponge or mitt in to the water and work in to a lather on the coat. Brush the lather through the coat and leave on the coat for a few minutes before rinsing. Avoid applying the shampoo to the eye area. If the shampoo gets in the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean warm water. Learn More
  4. Blue Rinse from Supreme Products
    Price From: £9.25

    Use Supreme Products Blue Rinse to enhance the colour of white, grey, black, brown and coloured coats, this product can be used when shampooing is not necessary or as a final rinse. Use very sparingly - only ¼ to ½ a level teaspoon in a 2 gallon bucket of warm water should be adequate. Test on hairs first.

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  5. Stain Remover Shampoo from Supreme Products
    Price From: £17.50

    For older, established stains, use Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo directly on to the affected area and work in to the stain. Further applications may be needed for stubborn stains. With regular use, this shampoo will assist with the removal of yellow stains from white tails.

    This shampoo does not contain dyes or any form of bleach. It is safe to use on all coats and will assist with the breakdown of stains and to improve brightness and shine.

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  6. Whitening Wood Flour 10kg from the Supreme Products Heritage Collection
    Supreme Products Whitening Wood Flour is designed to help increase the volume of feathers after shampooing as well as whitening them. Tip an appropriate amount of the powder in to a flat bottomed tub and stand you horses' foot in the tub, rubbing the powder vigorously in an upwards direction in to the feather. Repeat on white feathers as required then walk your horse or pony along some hard standing to allow the excess to fall out. Learn More

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