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  1. High Shine Basket from Supreme Products

    This basket contains 1 Litre High Shine Shampoo; 1 Litre de luxe Coat Gloss; 500ml Spray & Shine; Hoof Paint - Black or Clear; 400ml Sparkle; 100g Highlighter Gloss; 50g Black Eye Gloss and High Shine Wipes. The basket is gift-wrapped and comes complete with tag and ribbons to make a big splash!


    PLEASE NOTE: This basket contains an aerosol and therefore cannot be shipped overseas (Royal Mail and Couriers will not ship aerosols via airmail).  We can, ofcourse, substitute the aerosol for another non-aerosol product. Please contact the office on +44 (0) 1377 229050 or email where we will do what we can to assist!

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    Use SUPREME PRODUCTS Easy Plait to help produce perfect plaits every time and keep plaits looking neat and pristine, even when plaiting up the night before. Equally good on wet or dry manes.

    Groom the mane, then section for a plait, spray Easy Plait directly on to the mane, this will help hold in plaits but also make handling easier during the plaiting process by helping you maintain a good grip.

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  3. Glistening Oil from Supreme Products
    Price From: £12.25

    A superior light grooming oil to add the final touches to eyes and muzzle, coat and legs before entering the ring or arena. Use to enhance and highlight your horse’s best points. Creates a superb shine especially under artificial lights.

    This is not baby oil! This is a much lighter density oil and contains a UV sun filter to assit in avoiding sunburn to senstive and lighter coloured skin.

    Please remember that Baby Oil can 'fry' the skin and should not be used on horses and ponies.

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  4. Spray & Shine from Supreme Products

    A fabulous coat dressing which adds an outstanding gleam to the coat. The coat must first be sealed with Supreme Products Coat Gloss - which will seal the hairs and lay the coat - then a light application of Spray & Shine from a cloth will really accentuate the final picture. Particularly outstanding under artificial lights and on sunny days.

    For best results, apply Supreme Products de luxe Coat Gloss and allow to dry then groom. As your final preparation, apply Supreme Products Spray & Shine sparingly to a soft cloth or brush then smooth over the area that you would like to apply additional shine - leaving the saddle and rein area clear.

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  5. Detangle & Shine from Supreme Products
    Price From: £14.00

    Supreme Products Detangle & Shine keeps show manes and tails tangle-free and lustrous throughout the season. This non-aerosol spray is an excellent detangler for winter use also.

    Spray directly on to the mane or tail then gently 'comb' through with your fingers.

    When you are starting your grooming routine, spray Detangle & Shine on to the tail (and mane if applicable) and allow to sink in then come back to the tail later for easier grooming.

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  6. Moisturise & Condition from Supreme Products

    Use Supreme Products Moisturise & Condition on manes that are regularly plaited, hooded, dry or liable to get damaged . Spray on manes and tails regularly to moisturise and keep skin supple and to condition, protect and preserve valuable mane and tail hairs.

    "Love the Moisturise & Condition for manes that are constantly plaited and hooded. Have used lots of products and now stick with Supreme Products because the hair now seems to be thickening once again as it had got very thin."

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  7. Black Shampoo from Supreme Products
    Price From: £10.25

    Helping to add definition and shine to darker coats. Supreme Products Black Shampoo deepens colour for a natural looking finish on legs, manes and tails as well as enhancing the colour and shine on dark coats.

    For those competitors, whether showing or in the dressage arena, who want to add lustre and a winning shine, Supreme Products Black Shampoo provides the winning edge.

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  8. SUPREME PRODUCTS Make Up Palette

    This stacking palette of 5 matt colours can be used to blend colours to produce the desired shade - great if you need just a small amount to cover a mark; scar; stray coloured hair or to produce a more difficult shade.


    The palette comprises of the following colours with a matt finish - black; dark brown; chestnut; palomino; white.


    25ml e

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  9. Supreme Products Gift Tray
    Available in two size options. Perfect as a gift for your friends/family or even as a treat for yourself. 3 Item tray contains Sparkle 400ml De luxe Coat Gloss 1lt Spray & Shine 500ml 4 Item tray contains Sparkle 400ml De Luxe Coat Gloss 1lt Spray & Shine 500ml Glistening Oil 250ml Comes in a tray with red shredded paper. Learn More
  10. Heritage Collection Basket from Supreme Products

    The Heritage Collection Basket comprises of one of each of the 5 products in the range along with a gift-wrapped basket....

     The products are designed for use with Traditionals and Natives - formulated for those with coarses hair and coats and the basket comprises of Ultra-Condition 500ml; Mane & Tail Builder 250ml; High Shine Serum 250ml; Citronella Shampoo 500ml and Coat Shine 1 Litre.

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