Lycra Mix Hood | Supreme Products | For Horses and Ponies

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Lycra Mix Hood | Supreme Products | For Horses and Ponies
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Supreme Products hoods are designed with practicality and comfort in mind, to assist you in ensuring presentation of your horse or pony is at its best.

Made of the highest quality 4 way stretch lycra mix, these hoods will fit snugly, stay in place and not pull back. Made with large eye holes and a comfortable easy-fit girth and elasticated strap through the front legs, once fitted and the horse or pony is upright, there should be some wrinkling in the neck. When the horse or pony drops his / her head, there is plenty of stretch in the fabric as well as the excess material in the neck.

These garments are made by our own machinists in the UK - we do not have these flown in as a cheap import from India or China.

A repair service is available. Indoor, travelling and working in use only - these are not outdoor / waterproof garments.

Mini / Foal - £32, all other sizes £42.00 Zip optional extra £5.00

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Supreme Products Lycra Mix Hoods are designed with comfort, practicality and presentation in mind. Use these garments to aid in your presentation as they will lay the coat, keep plaits pristine and help shed unwanted excess hair. They can be used whilst travelling and riding in. Plait the night before and use a Supreme Products Hood to lay the plaits, add condition and shine and keep them clean and pristine.

These garments are based on Riding Pony / Riding Horse types for sizing. For natives and chunkier 'types' you need to purchase the next garment size up from the hand size (i.e. for a 13.2hh Section C, please use a 14.2hh garment). These garments need to be close fitting, but not tight and Supreme Products Lycra Mix and Fleece Hoods should be worn over the top of rugs and attached to a surcingle or roller with the elasticated hoops as provided on the hood.

Animal Size

Garment Size for Riding Pony
(TB, SP, ISRT, RP, PBA etc)

Garment Size for Native
(Excludes Section A)

11.0hh to 12.0hh



12.1hh to 12.2hh



12.3hh to 13.2hh



13.3hh to 14.2hh



14.3hh to 15.2hh



15.3hh to 16.2hh



16.3hh to 17.2hh



Available in 4 colours - Navy; Red; Black; Purple. Bespoke service also available.

Please note that Lycra Hoods with Zips are not available for Next Day Delivery as they will be made to order. 

Designed and Made in the UK



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