Veteran Showing Debut for Beedy....

Friday June 1, 2012

TWENTY-year-old Beedy, a thoroughbred grey mare, will make her veteran showing debut this Bank Holiday Monday, with support from Supreme Products.


 Ridden by Jackie Hill, Beedy will compete at Duncombe Park Country Fair and the team are hoping for a winning performance, turned out with the aid of products from the Supreme Products Professional Collection.


 Long time fan of Beedy, Minty Steade contacted Supreme Products explaining at this grand old age and being a horse who had always taken second place, she was about to enter the world of showing.


 The team were delighted to help providing a host of products including Leg & Body Whitener, Stain Remover Shampoo, Stain Remover Spray, Blue Rinse, Sparkle and White Make Up to make sure Beedy would be turned out to the highest level on the day.


 Said Sarah Turnbull of Supreme Products:   “When we heard about Beedy going to a show at the ripe old age of 20 we were delighted to help them in their quest and have our fingers crossed for a great result on Monday.”


 Minty takes up the story:

 “Beedy was bought in 1993 by the late Ian Harris as one of 11 Doncaster Sale purchases, being bought for the minimum bid.


“At 18 months-old she was thin with a long hairy coat and Jackie wondered why Ian had purchased the filly.


 “Ian said she would ‘come right’ and while nine of the youngsters were sold on, Beedy remained in the yard.


 “As she grew Beedy turned from a goose into a swan and Jackie trained her with a show ring career in mind but circumstances prevailed that led to Beedy staying in the background.


 “Meanwhile Jackie’s friend’s horse developed a bad back leading to Beedy becoming a second horse for Diane. 


 “After a few years of fun with Beedy, sadly Diane died of cancer and left instructions for her mother, Heather Smith to keep her first horse and re-home Beedy.


 “Heather and Jackie tried for two years to re-home her but it was to no avail and light at the end of the tunnel only beckoned when a friend of Heather’s suggested she contact Norma Carrick at Raw Animal Rescue near Whitby.


 “Norma phone me and I contacted Stuart Easby the highly respected vet about the mare to see if he could suggest anyone.


 “A couple of weeks later Beedy settled in with the other horses at Stuart’s until mid January this year when along with Stuart’s other horses she was moved to Jackie’s as Stuart returned to Japan to check on the animals he had saved the year before from an area around a Nuclear Power Station.


 “While the other horses went home to Stuart’s, Beedy remained with Jackie after the team decided they should have a go at veteran showing classes.


 “So at 20 years of age, Beedy, a horse that has always come second to all the others is finally taking centre stage as number one. With the help of Supreme Products to prepare her at her very best and with the rider, breaking her and training her all those years ago she is now entering the ring!


 “Jackie’s late partner Ian said she would come right and it will be a very proud and no doubt emotional moment when Jackie rides in to the ring.


 “It will be triumph over adversity wherever Beedy stands in the final line-up but the ultimate hope would be to qualify for the veteran championships, but she will always be a star to so many people.”

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