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Q. Any tips on how I can get my sharks teeth to stay?

Q. Hi l have a Fell pony with a lot of mane and tail but it gets very dry and coarse what can l use to improve it and keep it tangle free and shining on show days ?

Q. How much DeFUSE would I approximately need to use on a fairly nervous 15hds shp weighing approx 450kg? So I know which size of product to buy.

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Category: Show craft

Q. I’ve been doing local shows in my area, and have been doing really well. One judge said that I should go on to county level, but I have no idea where to start or what to do to get there. Have you got any advice that you could give me?

Q. Do you have any tips on how to stand an In Hand horse up correctly for the judge?

Q. What makes the perfect show horse?

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Q. How do I choose a Browband for my Show Hack?

Q. My Friend has asked me to groom for her at county level show in novice working hunter. What do I wear?

Q. My mare suffers from rug rub on her mane, starting at the withers going up her neck for about six inches.I have tried numerous different rugs without success. Do you have a product that might help?

Q. How do I make my individual show stand out?

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Q. What is the best type of fencing for sand ring for small riding school ?

Q. How many plaits should I do?

Q. To avoid the spread of girth itch, should you use separate body brushes on each horse that you own?